Safaricom Data and Airtime Usage Limit Lets You Take Charge of Your Units

Safaricom Apps
Safaricom Apps

Safaricom has launched a service that will see customers set a limit to the amount of airtime and data they want to use over a given set of time.

The handy feature, which can be accessed from this link, is basically perfect for people who want to use a specific amount of airtime and data. This is essential for planning purposes because there are many instances when subscribers spend more than they had planned for.

On the page linked above, you can see two tabs:

  1. Data
  2. Airtime

Both are further broken down into three:

  1. Daily limit. As its name suggest, you can set how many MBs or GBs of data you want to use in a given day.
  2. Weekly limit.
  3. Monthly limit.

In the data segment, the service allows you to specify allocation in MBs or GBs.

Airtime limits are set in Kenya Shillings.

So, say you set a daily limit of 5GB, you will only use that amount of data in a day (24 hours), over which you cannot access the internet until the same period has passed. The same can be said for weekly (7 days) or monthly (30 days) limit.

The same arrangement applies to airtime limits.

Therefore, make sure you have set sufficient units so that you don’t exhaust them and get shut down while you have not concluded whatever you were doing.

Note, you can only access the service via mobile data, so if you are on Wi-Fi, disconnect it to activate the limits.

We also understand the appeal of the service because it is just a stopper to subscribers that do not want to go above a certain budget in terms of how they use data and airtime.

Is this a service you can use? Does it make sense to you? To some people, yes. To others, it might not be so attractive because of the fear of being locked out.


  1. Whenever I use Bonga points and leave a balance next tm i want to use the balance i find I have no units remaining.Can Safaricom investigate ?

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