This App Helps Manage App Betas You’ve Enrolled in and Notify you for Spots in Closed Betas

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Being among the first to test or experience new features from an app before they ship to the public is always exciting and sometimes frustrating thanks to the bugs. With all that aside, there has never been an app to help you manage all the beta programs you’ve enrolled in and Beta Maniac wants to be that.

Most apps have a beta program such as WhatsApp Beta, Google Messages Beta, Instagram Beta, Facebook Beta, YouTube Beta, Twitter Beta, Google app Beta, Digital Wellbeing Beta, Phone Beta, Uber Beta, Tumblr Beta, Facebook Messenger Beta, Trello Beta, Google Play Services Beta, Gboard Beta, Google Maps Beta, Nova Beta, Last Pass Beta, Snapchat Beta, Twitch Beta, Reddit Beta, Maps Preview Beta, Netflix Beta among others where you get features such as Dark mode plus more before they are released to the stable versions of their respective apps.

Google opened up the opportunity to enroll for beta versions of apps some years ago through Google Play. All you have to do is just look below the Developer Contact section of the app listing and find out if they have one.

If the app has, you’ll see a short paragraph that tells you how to and a link to join the beta program with a warning that because features are in development, beta versions may be unstable.

For now, you’ll find that most beta programmes are closed to new applications since its full.

β-Maniac(read “beta-maniac”) is an amazing app that serves as a hub for everything related to your Google Play betas. You get a list of all the apps you have installed which have them and gives you options for joining them.

The app also lets you enroll in apps you haven’t right there.

The app will also notify you if a spot for a closed beta has opened up for you to join.

The app is free on the Google Play Store. β-Maniac was made by XDA Developer Mirko ddd.