You Can Now Remove Followers on Twitter Without Soft Blocking Them

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Twitter has started rolling out the ability to remove followers without soft blocking them as part of its social privacy tools. The social privacy tools were announced early last month to give users on the platform more control to make their experience better.

One annoying feature of being on Twitter is getting unwarranted new hate followers and you couldn’t remove them unless you blocked and unblocked them to stop them from seeing your tweets.

This anti-harassment feature will come in handy to women who face a lot of harassment on the platform.

This new feature is now rolling out to Twitter’s web platform and yu can access it by going right to your followers tab on your profile, tapping on the three-dotted menu next to the user you don’t want following you and then selecting “Remove this follower” option.

Instagram also has the same implementation.

Other social privacy tools Twitter is working on include the ability for users to hide their public likes, letting users archive their tweets plus a feature that lets you remove yourself from a conversation.

As an avid user of Twitter, these features are more than welcome and should roll out sooner rather than later.

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