Safaricom Is Offering Discounts For Select Home Fibre Customers

Safaricom Home Fibre Router
Safaricom Home Fibre Router

We have our many shares of reservations about home internet in Kenya, but nothing comes close to the offerings of Safaricom Home Fibre.

The product, which is now the leading service of its kind ahead of Zuku and JTL, has been lauded for its reliability and customer service, but it used to be better about three years ago and earlier when it launched.

With coverage nearing 300K households in select parts of the country, Home Fibre is obviously popular and has been supported by the fact that Safaricom has the numbers.

In the past couple of days, the operator has been giving some of its customers a discount on the service.

For instance, it has knocked off KES 400 from its Bronze package, which is an 8 Mbps connection that usually costs KES 3000.

This means that some customers will only pay KES 2500 for their next subscription.

This, Safaricom says, is an effort to net in more customers.

As a reminder, the carrier still has the speed caps in place. The caps were introduced in early 2021, and while it was an unpopular move, the operator defended the decision by arguing that the majority of its users do not even hit the cap and that it was clamping down resellers who use the service to enrich themselves at the expense of the company.

PackageSpeeds (Mbps)PriceFair usage limitSpeeds after FUP (Mbps)
Bronze82900500 GB1
Silver2040001 TB3
Gold4060001 TB3
Platinum100120001 TB3

At the same period, Safaricom introduced additional charges, such as a KES 3000 installation fee. This, however, appears to have been dropped because new customers, according to word on our desk, are not billed an installation fee.

Customers do not need to pay for anything when they relocate to say, a new area. However, if they leave their router behind, then they will have to pay KES 6500 for a new one.

At the start of the pandemic, the operator doubled package speeds because, at that time, a lot of people were working from home, and learning had shifted there too. The price of the packages was adjusted later.