How To Nuke Your Spotify Account

Spotify Wrapped 2021

There are many music streaming services out there. Mdundo, for instance, just added 20 million new customers in the last quarter of 2021, having been launched back in 2013.  

Spotify launched in Kenya back in early 2021 and has grown to be a favourite among locals thanks to its rich catalog of songs, podcasts and playlists.

Apple Music has also been here since 2016 and is the closest thing you can get to playing HiFi tunes.

Now, have you picked your streaming service yet? Or do you think Spotify doesn’t cut it for you – and just want to stick to something else? And you want to terminate your account? Well, it is usually not as straightforward, but we are here to show you how to.

Deleting Your Spotify Account

First and foremost, you will need to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription to stop that platform from charging you.

After you have done that, only then can you permanently deactivate your account if you want nothing to do with the service.

However, you can cancel your premium plan from the mobile app; you will need to access the Spotify website.

  1. Visit this page from your PC or phone.
  2. Log in if you are not, and then click the Profile icon.
  3. Then choose the Account option.
  4. Scroll down to the Your Plan section.
  5. Click Change Plan.
  6. See the available plans, then click on Cancel Premium.
  7. Agree by clicking on Yes, Cancel.

To note, this just unsubscribes you from Premium, it does not delete your account. It also moves your account to the free tier plan, where you can access all your music, but quality is downgraded, and playback is ad-supported.

To fully nuke your Spotify account, then visit this support page.

The exercise works in two main ways:

  1. You are already on free tier, so you can just go ahead and click on ‘Close Your Account.’
  2. If you didn’t cancel your Premium membership, then you have to contact customer support, which could take time. Nevertheless, you can send Spotify a message from here, and the company will guide you from there.

Deleting your account will erase all your Spotify data, including songs, history and playlists, among other curated content. You can still recover your account after seven days should you change your mind. This is done via a link shared to your email.


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