Twitter Pivots From Spaces to Focus On Personalization and User Growth

So much uncertainty looming over Twitter


There’s so much going on on Twitter.

Elon Musk bought it for $44 billion thus making Twitter a private company in a deal expected to close later this year. The incendiary tech mogul continues to troll the company’s policies around harassment and speech. Top executives are leaving with leadership reorganisation and now the social media company is shifting focus from its long-term “riskier” bets to short term ones.

Twitter is now withdrawing efforts on features such as Spaces, Newsletters and Communities. to instead centre their efforts on short term goals like increasing user growth and personalization. This change in priorities even before Elon officially becomes its owner will have the whole product team shuffled.

Even with this shift, Twitter expects to launch an edit button later this year. This feature will come with a revision history to see the earlier tweet.

“We are making some updates to our consumer product team structure and roadmap to better focus on the areas that will have the greatest positive impact on the public conversation,” said a Twitter spokesperson.

There’s also this looming cloud of how Elon if he becomes the owner will instil his policy of no remote work. In an email shared with Tesla employees, he said the workers should be in the office for a minimum of 40 hours a week. Twitter has been at the forefront of promoting remote work allowing most of its workers to work from home permanently.

Elon Musk puts the douche in fiduciary

Reply from a Twitter employee in an internal Twitter discussion.

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