Twitter Follows Instagram in Copying TikTok

Twitter New Video Feed
Twitter New Video Feed

Twitter has announced plans to add new features to make it easier for users to watch and discover new videos while on the platform. The social giant will now launch a scrollable video feed like its TikTok competitor.

The company will join other social giants such as Snapchat and Instagram who have followed the trend set by TikTok in a bid to keep users on its platform. The sudden rise in user engagements was the key secret behind TikTok’s rise to leading other social media platforms.

The feature is set to be released to iOS users who will be able to click on a video in their feed to enter the endless maze of scrollable videos. The feature aims to bring the same feel and experience seen in TikTok where you are able to scroll to the next video once done watching the current video. Users will have to use the top left arrow in order to go back to the original video tweet.

The main reason behind the sudden feature is for the purpose of making it easy for users to discover more engaging videos. Videos on the platform tend to do well and get more retweets especially videos from its social competitor, TikTok.

A new video carousel is also among the new features that are set to be launched. Twitter will add the video carousel within the Explore tab. A new “Explore for you” tab will display the most popular and trending videos that the social network hopes will keep you engaged.

It will be interesting to see how Twitter users receive it as previous efforts by other social networking giants such as Instagram for example saw it receive backlash from its users for copying TikTok.

Twitter has not said when the feature will appear to Android users. It is likely to be released to other audiences in stages as we have seen previously, other features being released. The announcement came through its Twitter Support on December 2021 informing users of the new test feature as seen below.