You Can Now Sort WhatsApp Messages by Unread Count

WhatsApp Message

WhatsApp is one of the worlds leading chat apps. It’s owned by Meta, the same company that also owns Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

In terms of features, it is still trying to play catch up with Telegram, whose feature sets are simply superior.

While that might be the case, WhatsApp has a loyal following because it arrived first in the market.

It has since received a couple of nice features: for instance, you can now run the app on a PC while you’re logged in on your phone. At the same time, you can still stay connected even if you lose a connection to your main device for two weeks.

Today, we have also noticed that you can sort your messages based on unread chats. This can be accessed by hitting the search button, and choosing ‘unread.’ There are other options there too, including documents or GIFs.

To note, this feature has been around for a while. However, it was limited to WhatsApp web/desktop.

Earlier today, WhatsApp experienced an outage that lasted two hours or thereabouts. What caused it has not been revealed, but it has been speculated that the platform was pushing an update that messed things up.

It is also at this time that people remember other chat apps exist, such as the aforementioned Telegram. You might have noticed that there are a ton of people who have made a move to Telegram just to stay connected.

Telegram has since released a premium version of its app, which has features such as verification badges and faster download speeds for files.