Samsung Unpacked Confirmed for February 1, with the Galaxy S23s in Tow


Mobile technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, and the epicenter of innovation.

At the moment, we have become attached to our devices to create and consume content, stay connected with others, work and manage every aspect of our lives. This means that it is almost impossible to live without these devices.

You and I want devices we can depend on, and brands we can trust. Each and every person has a brand they subscribe to, and they have a reason for this loyalty. Android users, for instance, have a ton of options, but Samsung has managed to stay at the top of the game for more than one decade. Its Galaxy line, for instance, was, for some time, confused with Android.

Nonetheless, the company says and believes that mobile technology can be used to enrich people’s lives and help create a more sustainable future.

The Galaxy S series is an example of Samsung delivering on this vision. To recap, this is the premium segment of the South Korea’s manufacturer phone lineup and has been in production since 2010 with the Galaxy S; the current number model the S22.

Of course, the latest models feature advanced camera systems, optimized hardware and software, and faster performance. This has been more pronounced from last year when Samsung decided, and for the first time, to drop its Exynos line of chips for Qualcomm’s because the latter is better.

Also, the Galaxy S Ultra is the top of the line, offering the best of the best in terms of performance and quality. Samsung has fully merged the most beloved Galaxy Note experiences into the Ultra.

This development, however, left some Note users in limbo because that lineup had some hardcore fans. To replace the Notes, Samsung thinks that the foldable line of phones, especially the Fold (not the Flip) will appeal to these customers, and we are starting to think that that vision can be achieved.


Samsung is also committed to sustainability and is working to make its technology more sustainable by building devices that last longer and using more recycled materials in components.

The company is guided by an environmental strategy that strives to make the technology they depend on more sustainable.

They consider every phase of the product lifecycle with sustainability top of mind, this means collaborating with like-minded partners to bring people closer together and deliver positive change for people and the planet while setting new benchmarks for our industry.

On February 1 at Unpacked, Samsung will show how innovation and sustainability are working together to bring a premium experience.

We expect to see the launch of the S23s, and if rumours are anything to go by, the devices will be an iterative update of the S22s, but there are surprises in these kinds of events.

Stay tuned.