WhatsApp Channels now Available in Kenya; What You Need to Know

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WhatsApp has announced that WhatsApp Channels will be available to users in Kenya among the first few countries in the world.

WhatsApp Channels is a one-way broadcast tool for admins to send text, images, videos and pools. The feature allows users to receive important updates from individuals and organizations right within WhatsApp.

Channels was introduced back in June with and was first available in Singapore and Columbia.

Can you create a channel?

Currently no, WhatsApp is working with leading global voices and select organizations to build, learn and adapt the experience. However, anyone will soon have the ability to create a channel over the coming months.

Where to Find Channels in WhatsApp

Channels are found on the “Updates” tab in WhatsApp. The Updates tab will have Status and channels that you choose to follow.

WhatsApp Updates tab: WhatsApp

How to find Channels to follow

WhatsApp are building a searchable directory where you can find your interests, sports teams, schools and updates from local officials and more.

Users can also get invite-links sent in chats, emails or posted online to join a Channel.

Security and Privacy

There have been some key measured taken by WhatsApp to ensure that the personal information of both the admins and followers are protected.

As a channel admin, your phone number and profile photo will not be shown to followers. Likewise, following a channel will not reveal your phone number to the admin or other followers. Who you decide to follow is your choice and is private.

Admins can decide who can follow their channel and whether they want their channel to be discoverable in the search directory or not. In addition, admins will have the option to block screenshots or forwards from their channels.

WhatsApp Channels are not end-to-end encrypted by default given they aim to reach a wider audience. However, WhatsApp is exploring having end-to-end encrypted channels for a limited audience such as non-profit or health organization as a future option.

Supporting Businesses in Channels

Admins will have the opportunity to build a business around their channel using WhatsApp’s expanding payment services. In addition, WhatsApp will have the ability to promote certain channels in the directory to help increase awareness.


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