Kenya Power Token System Outage Leaves Customers in the Dark

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Kenya Power’s prepaid vending system is suffering an outage. The token system has long promised efficiency and transparency. However, a significant outage has plunged some Kenya Power customers into darkness for over 15 hours. The frustration is palpable as many who are unable to buy electricity tokens, consider this outage a glaring example of incompetence.

Attempting to buy KPLC tokens via M-Pesa returned this message “Transaction failed, M-PESA cannot complete payment to KPLC PREPAID. The Organization’s system receiving the payment experienced some technical challenges, try again later”

Some customers have spent the night in the dark, both figuratively and literally. Social media is abuzz with complaints and customer Frustration

It’s been over 15 hours with us, your customers not being able to buy prepaid units (tokens). No word from the company, nothing. “one frustrated Kenya Power Customer wrote on X.

Another one wrote” Kenya power is disaster! Most useless utility company ever! It’s a circus. Bunch of clowns!”

Customers are rightfully frustrated. Businesses have been severely impacted by the KPLC Prepaid token issue since yesterday and some shops remain closed. On the other hand, individuals are struggling without an essential commodity.

Kenya Power Statement

The power retailer remained mum on the issue. Kenya Power did not issue any immediate statement regarding the token system outage. The lack of communication worsened customer frustration and anxiety. Usually, when the prepaid system is down due to scheduled maintenance, the power company gives a notice well in advance. T

This morning, KPLC eventually put out a statement that read: “We are experiencing a hitch on the prepaid system which is affecting the generation of electricity tokens. We are working to restore normalcy within the shortest time possible. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

KPLC did not state the cause of the issue. Further, the company has not given a timeline on when to expect normal services. This may imply that KPLC is struggling to identify the cause of the fault and to resolve it. Unfortunately, for many, this may mean continued disruption to their businesses, work and other activities.