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M-Pesa Daraja not working

M-Pesa Daraja API to Experience Limitations

Daraja API is an Application Programming Interface that creates a bridge for payment integration to web and mobile apps. In a web app, it...
M-Pesa transaction limit KES 250,000

M-Pesa Transaction Limit Increased to a Quarter Million

Safaricom has today increased M-PESA transactions limit to KSh. 250,000 for each transaction. This announcement came after the Mobile money platform received approval from...
Ms. Rotich joins Bill & Melinda Gates foundation

Safaricom’s Juliana Rotich Joins Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Board

Juliana Rotich who serves as the Head of the Department-Fintech Solution (M-Pesa) at Safaricom has a new board role. On her LinkedIn page, Ms....
KCB to M-Pesa how to send money

How to Perform KCB to M-Pesa Transactions

KCB to M-Pesa and vice versa are frequent transactions. The Kenya Commercial Bank (Kenya) Ltd is a financial services provider licensed as a commercial...
M-Pesa Ecosystem Supporting Over 1 Million Businesses in Africa

M-Pesa Ecosystem Supporting Over 1 Million Businesses in Africa

The M-Pesa ecosystem is proving to be a crucial infrastructure for businesses and customers on the African continent. Currently, M-Pesa is enabling more than...
M-Pesa To Loop transactions no longer free

Shock as Loop Reinstates M-Pesa To Loop Charges

NCBA Loop has officially reinstated M-Pesa to Loop charges. According to Loop, the charges were reintroduced following  “a business decision”. For a while now,...
Digital Payment like send money and till numbers grows in Kenya

Digital Payment Adoption Rises Among Kenya’s MSEs – Survey

Survey findings indicate that small businesses are increasingly leveraging Digital Payment platforms to run their operations. This means more Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs)...
M-Pesa to roll Out Standing Orders feature to its Users

M-Pesa to roll Out Standing Orders to its Users

M-Pesa is poised to roll out a standing orders feature to its users. Traditionally, Safaricom’s M-Pesa has led other mobile money in innovation and...

Safaricom Rolls Out M-Pesa In Ethiopia

On Wednesday 16th August 2023, Safaricom officially launched its mobile banking service M-Pesa in Ethiopia. “We are excited to go live with M-Pesa in...
safaricom terrapay pakistan

Safaricom Intros M-PESA Transfers to Pakistan, Bangladesh in New Partnership

Safaricom has partnered with TerraPay (Mobex Kenya) to facilitate mobile transfer between Kenya, Bangladesh and Pakistan. This partnership will empower more than 32 million M-PESA...
M-Pesa Services Unavailable on Monday

Notice!! M-Pesa Services Unavailable Tomorrow For 20 Mins

Safaricom has announced to its customers the unavailability of Mpesa on the morning of Monday 26th  June 2023. The M-pesa services will be unavailable...
How to make Next of Kin claim

Next of Kin: How to Claim M-Pesa Funds in the Event of Death

On their M-Pesa account, a person close to you may elect you as next of kin. In the unfortunate event that they pass on,...
M-Pesa Services Maintenance

Lipa na M-Pesa to be Intermittently Available on Saturday

Some M-Pesa services and other Safaricom services will be unavailable intermittently. This is as a result of a planned system maintenance by Safaricom. The maintenance...
Hustler Fund on MPESA app

Hustler Fund Brings Back 2 Million People to M-Pesa

The Hustler Fund is a credit facility brought to Kenyans by the Kenya Kwanza government. Launched by the government and facilitated by private sector...

Kenya Students to Receive HELB Loans Directly to Their M-PESA Accounts

Telco Safaricom and HELB have announced two key partnerships today. The first one is the launch of the HELB Mobile Wallet and HELB M-PESA...

M-PESA Invests Over KES 260m in New Office

Today, M-PESA Africa has unveiled a Shared Service Operations Centre (SSOC) in Nairobi. The main service of the new office will be to supervise service...
safaricom house

The KES 305 Billion Safaricom Case, and Why Telco is Being Sued

Safaricom, Vodafone Group, and other companies, as well as two government agencies, are being sued by three Kenyan M-PESA users about their Fuliza overdraft...

NCBA Loop Versus M-PESA Tariffs: Which One is Cheaper?

Kenyans were spoilt for choice when the Central Bank of Kenya dismissed bank-to-mobile money charges back when the COVID-19 pandemic had started. This was...

These M-PESA Services Will Be Offline for Thirty Minutes on Sunday Morning

If you're a Safaricom customer, you might recall a time when network outages were a common and frustrating thing. However, the telco has made...

Equity Bank to M-PESA, Airtel Money Charges for 2023

At the start of 2023, Kenyan banks re-introduced bank-to-mobile money charges, which had been dropped by the CBK at the start of the pandemic...
M-Pesa shop

Safaricom Details Why M-PESA Has Been ‘Operating’ Itself

Some people have been having issues with M-PESA, with some reporting that the mobile money product has been ‘operating’ itself without their customers. Turns out,...

High Court Gives M-PESA, Banks Go Ahead to Re-introduce Transfer Fees

The High Court in Kenya has decided against continuing a previous order that prevented banks and mobile money providers from imposing fees for money...

M-PESA Introduces Store Number to Address Wrong Agent Withdrawals

Recently, M-PESA customers have been inquiring about the purpose of a "store number," which they are required to input when withdrawing money from an...

Fuliza Customers Can Now Withdraw Cash from M-PESA Agents

Safaricom now allows customers to withdraw cash from its overdraft facility, Fuliza. This feature has been available for a couple of weeks, but the...

KRA Could Be a Stumbling Block to Safaricom, M-PESA Split

The possibility of splitting Safaricom, Kenya’s leading telco, into separate entities has been a topic of debate among lawmakers and other interested parties. Safaricom's internal...

NCBA to M-PESA, Airtel Money Charges Effective 2023

The Central Bank of Kenya has announced that it will start charging fees for bank-to-mobile money transfers on January 1, 2023. READ MORE: Family...

Family Bank to M-PESA, Airtel Money Charges Effective 2023

The Central Bank of Kenya just announced that they're going to start charging fees for bank-to-mobile money transfers starting January 1, 2023. This is...

Here Are I&M Bank to M-PESA Charges Effective 2023

The Central Bank of Kenya has announced that it will begin charging fees for bank-to-mobile money transfers starting on January 1, 2023. The financial...
natmobile National Bank app

Transaction Charges for Sending Money from National Bank to M-PESA, Airtel Money in 2023

The Central Bank of Kenya has announced that beginning January 1, 2023, bank-to-mobile money transfers will incur fees. This change comes after the financial...

Here Are KCB to M-PESA Transaction Charges Effective 2023

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) announced that bank-to-mobile money transfers will start attracting fees. This follows a push by the financial industry in...

How to Purchase Airtime from M-PESA to Telkom, Airtel Kenya for Free

Making phone calls is one of the most important things that people do with their phones. Those calls are also paid for, which means...

Charges for Sending Money from Bank to M-PESA Effective 2023

A couple of days ago, we learned that the CBK was in the process of reinstating bank to mobile money charges, and vice versa. The...

CBK Reintroduces Bank to Mobile Money Wallets Charges Effective from January 2023

At the start of the pandemic back in March 2022, the CBK announced that it had waived fees for sending money between mobile money...

Bank to Mobile Money Charges Are Coming Back But At A Lower Rate

When the pandemic started, telcos and banks adjusted the rate of sending money to and from their accounts to cushion Kenyans from the harsh...

Safaricom Finishes Prepping M-PESA Junior Accounts, to Launch This Month

UPDATE: Junior accounts will turn into ordinary accounts once minors turn 18. Parents will also be able to monitor what juniors are doing with...

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