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Safaricom Signals Reducing M-PESA Transaction Fees

Telco Safaricom is reportedly considering reducing -PESA transaction charges in a plan that will see the operator retain high business volumes.

Safaricom M-PESA Profits Decline for the First Time

Safaricom has revealed its HY results ended in 30 September 2020 for the 2020/2021 financial year. In a livestream...

M-PESA Beats the Competition With Near 99% Market Share once Again

Mobile money services have been on an upward trend; but is every player making a killing from it? The...

Likoni Ferry Customers to Pay for Services Via M-PESA

We have been seeing passengers pay fare using M-PESA services. The cashless payments have been around for a long...
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Safaricom Has Another Service Maintenance Exercise Slated for Tonight

The interruption starts on Saturday 12th September 2020 at 2300 hrs to Sunday 13th September 2020 0500 hrs.
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M-PESA Stays True to Its Maintenance Binge With a Planned 12-Hour Interruption

You guessed it, and we are not going to waste your time today. Tomorrow, you will not be able to access M-PESA services because the...
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Here is An Ingenious Way of Sending More Than KES 1000 Without Splitting Transactions

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a disaster to many people, communities and businesses, and countries as a whole. Kenya, in particular, has been hit,...
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M-PESA is On a Maintenance Spree With Another Interruption Slated for Tonight

Safaricom has been honing the offerings of M-PESA with constant maintenance announcements. We started receiving the communication about a fortnight or so ago, and if...
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Safaricom Wants to Cap KES 1000 Free M-PESA Transfers to 5 Attempts But Loses Hearing

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought with it vast financial constraints for Kenyans and companies. To this end, the Central Bank of Kenya made a...
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Safaricom Schedules Yet Another M-PESA Service Interruption

For the last couple of weeks, Safaricom has been trying to improve the offerings of M-PESA with system maintenance and upgrades. These enhancements are...
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M-PESA is Nearing 99 Percent Market Share as T-Kash, Airtel Money Dwindle

Mobile money services are a success in Kenya owing to the work done by operators, mainly Safaricom. The service, and its associated products are...
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Safaricom Reiterates Pursuing Ethiopia Entry Following Tough Mobile Money Regulations

A couple of weeks ago, Ethiopia announced that it has opened the floor for mobile money for telcos. The development means that new participants, including...
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Ethiopia Opens Floor for Mobile Money for Telcos, Kills M-PESA Launch Prospects

As of April 2020, Ethiopia has allowed new players to take part in the mobile space. New entrants, in this case, are non-financial organizations...

Once Again, M-PESA Cannibalizes T-Kash and Airtel Money with 98.8 Percent Market Share

The latest numbers from the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) in terms of mobile money use cases are here, and they reiterate what we...

Safaricom Kes 1000 M-PESA Waiver Accidently Skips Business Accounts, Fix is Incoming

A few days ago, the CBK directed mobile operators and financial institutions to adjust their mobile money products to cushion the adverse effects of...

mySafaricom App is Temporarily Forcing Customers to Use Mobile Data for Valid Reasons

As of last week, Safaricom customers realized that the mySafaricom app was forcing them to use mobile data even after setting it up previously....
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City Star Shuttle Passengers to Pay Fare Via M-PESA in New Partnership with Safaricom

COVID-19 cases keep escalating, and the government of Kenya, among other key institutions, most of which are healthcare and internet companies, have been at...
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Telkom Kenya Makes it Even Easier to Top-up From M-PESA With New Menu

Mobile data wars have always been a norm in Kenya, and for the most part, consumers benefit from the tussles because operators are tasked...
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What We Know About Safaricom’s 0722000000 Con Game, and What the Operator is Doing About It

Alright. People have been subjected to a new con game where fraudsters use Safaricom’s 072200000 line to reach out to customers, and lie about...

Kenyans Spend Trillions Buying Goods and Services Online Amid a Challenging E-Commerce Space

The growth of e-commerce services in Kenya, while not necessarily returning profits to vendors, is something most people can see. In spite of the...
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Why a Possible Fuliza Interest Reduction is Misleading for Safaricom Customers

Safaricom announced unaudited financial results for the six months ended September 30, 2019. The numbers were impressive after the carrier made a killing from...
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Recent Interest Hike Erodes KCB M-PESA Customer Loyalty

Mobile loans and mobile loans apps have been making a killing in the Kenyan over the last couple of years. Their growth has been...

Safaricom Becomes Eliud Kipchoge’s Ambassador in Successful Historic Fete

Early this week, Safaricom had begun teasing about its new logo for its mobile money service, M-PESA which currently has over 26 million users...

Safaricom Rebrands M-PESA, Offers Customers Free YouTube Access to Support Eliud Kipchoge’s Race

Safaricom started teasing a new M-PESA logo a couple of days ago. the day is finally here, and Kenya’s largest telco, and arguably one...
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Safaricom Pumps KES 407 Million Into M-PESA Global Expansion Strategy

In November 2018, telco Safaricom launched M-PESA Global. The product was an expansion of the carrier’s financial services to other countries. It allows users...
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Telkom’s T-Kash Expands Agent Base as M-PESA, Airtel Money Lose Some

The popularity of mobile money services in the Kenyan market is unprecedented. The sector surpassed expectations, and can solely be linked to the launch...
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Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore Tenure Extended, Says Business with Troubled Huawei to Stay

Telco Safaricom is one of the sponsors of the Shared Value Summit that is taking place in Nairobi. The event, which started earlier today,...
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M-PESA is Safaricom’s Top Earner as Net Profits Hit KES 63.4 Billion Amid Poor One Tap Performance

Safaricom’s FY2019 earnings have been announced in an event held earlier today at the telco’s head office. The numbers are not surprising because the...

Telkom Hits 100K T-Kash Customers One Year After Launch

The Communication Authority’s Sector Statistics report for the second quarter of the FY 2018/2019 has been out for some time now. It includes several...
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AliExpress Integrates M-PESA Payments for Kenya Customers

AliExpress is a popular Chinese e-commerce platform that rivals the likes of Amazon, but for the Asian market and to a larger extent, Africa...

Masoko to Leverage Mpesa Agency Network for Ecommerce Deliveries

The e-commerce space is getting the attention and competition it deserves for the benefit of the Kenyan consumer. Masoko, whose entry into the online...

NSSF Partners with Safaricom’s M-PESA to Enable Seamless Remittances

Members of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) will now be able to remit their contributions via Safaricom’s mobile money product, M-PESA. This development...

The Unforeseen Consequences of Safaricom’s Overdraft Facility Fuliza

A couple of weeks ago, telco Safaricom released an overdraft facility referred to as Fuliza. Owing to the carrier’s vast reach and robust marketing...
Sylvia Mulinge, Chief Customer Officer, Safaricom, as she holds Safaricom award during Superbrands Tribute Awards 2018

M-PESA Surpasses Safaricom as East Africa’s Strongest Superbrand

Market research firm Kantar TNS has released its survey report for superbrands for 2019/2020. The brief analysis paints interesting trends in Kenya’s consumer space...
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Deep Dive into the Revamped KCB M-Pesa Facility

Digital mobile lending in Kenya is a space that is ever growing, whether the motivation is to push for financial inclusion or to simply...