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Safaricom Mpesa servers

BREAKING: Safaricom Now Hosting Mpesa Servers In Kenya

Safaricom is a market leader in mobile money, both locally and globally. The company is doing well by any means. But there are some...
Mpesa Agency

Mpesa To Be Unavailable For A Chunk Of The Weekend

M-pesa service will be unavailable this Saturday on a scheduled maintenance.  The maintenance is set to take 9 hours starting 11pm Saturday March 21, 2015...

Why Mobile Is Still King In Kenya And Africa

Mobile innovations are the future of technology in Kenya. Since the entry of mobile in the late 1990s, a lot of vibrancy, growth and...
Lipa Na Mpesa shinda a home

Safaricom’s “Lipa Na Mpesa Shinda A Home” Drives Mobile Payments Growth, First Winners Awarded

Safaricom has an ongoing promotion that seeks to drive growth of mobile money payments usage. The campaign dubbed "Lipa Na M-Pesa Shinda A Home"...
Safariccom M-ledger app

Safaricom’s New Acquisition M-Ledger App Covers Large Gap In Personal Payments Reconciliation

Safaricom on Wednesday launched an app that will assist in tracking mobile money transactions on an easy to use user interface for Mpesa. The...
Bob Collymore

Safaricom Not Rattled By Equitel Entry, Collymore Says The Market Still Big

Safaricom Tuesday announced the half year results with an impressive 79.3 Billion in revenues for the Half year 2015. Mpesa revenues were reported...

KEeping It Local: Windows Phone Apps for Kenya

As mobile landscape in Kenya transitions from “dumb” feature phones to smartphones, the need for apps with local content grows every day. Apps enable...
Mpesa Agency

Airtel Wins Case to Compel Safaricom To Open Up Mpesa Agency Network

Safaricom's main advantages that led to an edge over rivals in Kenya's mobile money industry include the vast agency network alongside the 21 million...

1 Million SMEs On Target As Safaricom, KCB Partner To Launch [email protected]

Safaricom and KCB on Wednesday announced a partnership and a launch of the [email protected] product that is targeted towards Kenyan Small and Medium Enterprises....
Safaricom API

Safaricom to Open Up MPesa API In March 2015

This conversation has been ongoing and developers, with the knowledge of how Safaricom's Mpesa access for Kenyan developers would boost scale for local developers....
Mobile Payments

50% of Point-Of-Sale Payments Globally will Be Mobile in 2020 – Study

Mobile has made inroads into almost every aspect of our lives mainly due to penetration and the intimacy of the mobile phone. ABI Research...

Safaricom Explores NFC Mobile Wallets for Mass Market Deployment, Might Just Be Integrated into Lipa Na Mpesa

M-Pesa has played a major role in bringing financial services to Kenya's unbanked population. Serving 56% of the population, mobile money has had a...
Mobile Money Africa

Phones Are the New Banks: Mobile Payments in Africa and Beyond

Though it’s a trend that’s now spreading across the globe, the rise of mobile payments can be directly traced back to Africa. It’s an...
Galaxy S 4 camera

How to pre-order Galaxy S 4 from Airtel using Safaricom’s Mpesa

Both of the two biggest Mobile Network Operators in Kenya Safaricom and Airtel have since opened up pre-orders for the world's newest sensation in...
Samsung Apps store

Samsung to set up seamless Mpesa for App Store payment in June

The conversation about what method of digital goods works best for the Kenyan e-commerce scene goes on. There are quite many providers, local and...

Over 4.4 million Tanzanians Now on M-Pesa

Mobile money services in Tanzania have been experiencing tremendous growth. Tanzania is among the rapidly growing economies in the continent and mobile money services...
Mpesa, Vodafone India, ICICI

Vodafone India, ICICI Bank Launch M-Pesa in India

Vodafone India and ICICI Bank have formed a partnership in a move to launch MPesa in India by the end of 2012. The initiative...
Relax uko na Mpesa

Safaricom’s new Mpesa advert is a comfort message: Relax, you got Mpesa

Almost all Kenyans have interacted in one way or another with Mpesa, it ranges from basic money sending to running the entire business model...
Eran Feinstein, MD 3G Direct Pay Ltd

3G Direct Pay Solution bridges the link to Comprehensive online payments in Kenya

Kenya and East Africa has been facing weak ecommerce mainly due to that missing all-integrated system that will enable users access services using a few...

Beware this con-game with M-pesa

Thought you should know this. lest you find yourself in a similar situation. This happened to somebody. Hi all, Just thought to bring this to yur...