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Facebook Ads Library research

Facebook Ads Library: Your Key to Competitive Advantage in Digital Marketing

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, staying ahead of your competitors is crucial for success. One of the key tools to gain an...
Facebook Ads Library research

Mitigation Strategies: How your Facebook Ads Lead to Account Restrictions and How to Fight Back

If you run Facebook Ads you are probably susceptible to a Facebook ban. In a world where we use social media more for business...

How to Reduce the Amount of Data Facebook Collects on You

Facebook privacy scandals that rocked 2018 revealed a lot of the data they have on us. This led to some of its users to...
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Kenyan Advertisers May Soon Pay for Facebook Ads Via Mobile Money Solutions

Facebook-sponsored TechCrunch Startup Battlefield is one of the key events that are gracing Nairobi for the better part of the week. Specifically, the event...

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