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Oculus Warning Users Against Using Gear VR Headset With Galaxy Note 7

Samsung is at the moment in the news for all the negative reasons. There's that huge Galaxy Note 7 recall going on and now...

Samsung Gear VR Review

You'll be definitely blown away.

Samsung Launches Website to Host 360-Degree Video Content

An ambitious move since 360-degree video consumption is still low.

Samsung Gear VR May Get a Dedicated Controller

  The Samsung Gear VR, one of the few mobile virtual reality headsets in the market at the moment, may likely get something it has...

Samsung to Debut Virtual Reality Headset That Does Not Need Smartphone Pairing

Samsung has been exploring the idea of releasing a virtual reality headset that does not depend on a smartphone for a while and may...
Manoj Changarampatt

Manoj Changarampatt Speaks On Samsung And Galaxy Note 4

Earlier Monday morning, Manoj Changarampatt, Samsung Electronics East Africa director of Mobile and IT was interviewed at Capital FM and I decided to tune...

Gear VR is Samsung’s first mobile virtual reality headset

You've probably heard about Virtual Reality for a while now. If I'm to explain it to you like a 5 year old then it...

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