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Apple to Release App for iPhone Users Making the Switch to Android

In mid-September last year, Apple released its first ever Android application on the Google Play Store. The app, Move to iOS, was meant to make...

Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ App Trolled By New ‘Stick with Android’ Application

Apple just released its first ever Android application, Move to iOS, on the Google Play Store. The app is intended to make it easier...

Android Fanboys Troop to the Play Store to Trash Apple’s New App

I’d rather be shot in the face Apple sucks! Boo Apple!!! Terrible idea Apple hit a new low Not worth downloading guys! God Awful Preposterous Misleading What are you thing?? No Thanks Horrible app Ha Fake No, we’ve...

Apple Publishes its First Android Application, Seeks to Help Users Switch to iOS

Apple is known for fiercely protecting its “walled garden” platform by making sure its applications and services are only available on its platform and...