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Kenya’s FaidiHR Raises an Undisclosed Amount of Funds, Plans to Integrate Mobile Loans in Payroll

Payroll services startup FaidiHR has announced that it has received funding from SprintX, a US-based Venture Capitalist (VC) for early-stage startups. The funds have also...
Sage EA MD Nikki Summers

Sage Sessions and HR Forum Rally for the Cloud in Payroll Management

Sage has been expanding its footprint in the Kenyan market. It continues to showcase its upper hand in the automation of accounting, payroll and payment...
Nikki Summers

ERP Software Sage Releases Business Cloud Payroll Tool for Africa

In a market where companies have been known to make a series of payroll mistakes, including cases where organizations still rely on traditional methods...
Nikki Summers

Lack of Automation of Payroll Among Many Mistakes Made by East African Companies

Payroll automation firm Sage has been running its trade in the African market for an extended period. Amid its operations that serve several markets,...

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