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Pencil Power! Zoho & MOMO Pencils Ink Deal to Bridge the Literacy Gap & Plant Trees

Last week, Zoho, a technology company, announced its partnership with MOMO Pencils, a manufacturer of eco-friendly stationery in Nairobi, for the "Hope for Literacy"...
Analytic tools for social media

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Make Social Media Analytics a Priority in 2024

Kenya stands at the forefront of mobile connectivity and social media usage in East Africa, boasting 63.94 million connections and 10.55 million users, respectively....
Zoho Ulaa browser

Zoho’s Privacy-Centric Browser Ulaa; All You Need To Know

Zoho, a global technology company recently launched Ulaa, a privacy-centered web browser. In a statement, Zoho said that the name originates from Tamil Language...

Zoho Unveils Physical Office and Training Centre in Nairobi

Zoho has today opened up a physical office in Kenya's capital, Nairobi.The enterprise resource planning software company has unveiled a new office in Westlands...
Hyther Nizam - Zoho Corp. President for Middle East and Africa

Zoho Sets Up Physical Office in Nairobi, Complete with a Training Centre

Zoho, the Indian company that is known for providing enterprise resource planning software, and which prides itself as a corporation that bootstrapped itself to...

Business Web Tools Firm Zoho Closes in On Rivals With Unified Communications Platform

Zoho, a web business tools company, has revealed its new communication platform called Trident, which aims to simplify communication for businesses by providing a...

Enterprise Software Firm Zoho Brings Bigin, A CRM Product for Small Businesses to Kenya

Zoho has unveiled the latest version of Bigin, the company's CRM solution for small businesses.  As the preferred CRM solution for small businesses, Bigin offers this...

TIMs-Compliant Zoho Books Reports More Than 300 Percent Customer Additions in Kenya

Computer software and web-based business tools provider Zoho has announced that its Zoho Finance Platform has achieved 70% year-over-year (YOY) revenue growth in the...

Zoho Swoops In to Help Kenya Businesses Become VAT and TIMS-compliant

A few months ago, taxman the Kenya Revenue Authority, KRA, revealed to the public and all VAT-registered taxpayers that they would be required to move...

Zoho Announces Specific Tools for Kenya Businesses, Will Hire Locals Following Growth

India's Zoho Corporation is known for its Zoho suite of apps and services. It was founded back in 1996 and has grown to be...

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