The LG Cinema 3D Smart TV series Launched in East Africa


At the Sarit Center, today, LG held a media gaming competition to mark the launch of their Cinema 3D Smart TV range in East Africa. The winner of the competition left with a 42 inch high definition television with a 42 inch high definition television. The Cinema 3D Smart TV has been tested and certified by Intertek International, which provides global certification services. This confirmed the LM series is actually 1080p, showing 1080 horizontal and 1920 vertical lines.

“The LG Cinema 3D Smart TV, being equipped with the most advanced 3D technology, enables a smoother and more immersive 3D viewing bringing a limitless world of 3D entertainment at the tip of your magic remote,” said Mr Kim.

The Cinema 3D Smart TV will retail at a cost of Kshs. 185,000 for the 42 inch model with the company expecting to sell approximately over 50 units by end of this year.

With the Cinema 3D, LG aims at making customers enjoy 3D content more comfortably for longer, using light-weight, battery-free 3D glasses. Other features offered by the TV include CINEMA 3D flicker-free display which reduces stress to the eyes, 3D content services and 2D to 3D conversion engine. The new line-up also features Dual Play function which is ideal for gaming.

“Through Smart Share Plus, users can access endless multimedia content stored in external devices, as well as view TV content on smartphones connected via Wi-Fi Direct. Users can communicate online and access limitless variety of online content, using established, must-have Smart TV apps and content services as well as those to be launched in the near future,” added Mr Kim.

According to Mr Kim, the Cinema 3D is a product of the innovations the company has made to bring superlative TV viewing experience to the market. LG which claims the production of the world’s narrowest bezel 3D TV aims to break boundaries with the Cinema 3D. The TV will have access to premium content and the viewer will be able to update their Twitter and Facebook feeds as they watch high definition picture.


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