Nokia’s new Windows 8 phones leaked before September 5


It’s now almost official that Nokia is announcing two Windows phone 8 devices come next week at a special event with partner Microsoft, that’s if rumours and leaks are anything to go by. The two phones are one high end device expected to be the main rival to Samsung’s ATIV S announced earlier in the week at IFA, Berlin and the Arrow which is a mid-range windows phone. Now we all know ATIV didn’t go unnoticed by Nokia, but that aside, let’s discuss what we “know” is coming from Nokia.

The Phi is the higher end device which looks more like the current Nokia flagship device, the Lumia 900. The exact model according to this image leaked by @eveaks on twitter is Lumia 920, well evident on the number on the screen. The leak also shows the array of colours on the device, and Nokia, it would be a crime not releasing a Cyan colour device, but I dont think we need worry about that. The Lumia 920 is expected to don the pureview camera, as there is more than enough talk of that technology moving over to Nokia Windows phone devices. Screen size of this looker is 4.5″ and that’s all folks in terms of phone specifications, the rest we will have to wait abit longer, it’s just 4 days anyway.

Lumia 820 Arrow

The other device, though not quite the looker, is the Arrow, or Lumia 820 as leaked by a Chinese blog. This one is a mid-range device which will come at a low price, kind of like what Lumia 610 was. Now you will be impressed to note the memory on this device, yes 335MB is all they put on this device. I dont know how optimised the OS is to run comfortably on 335MB RAM or if it’s anything to worry about but I just noted that it’s way too low for 2012, and considering that we are headed to more apps on Windows phone 8, more dependency on the phone to do things for you and a fight among OEMs in outdoing each other in  the software front, I doubt this phone will do much. Then considering it’s in the 800 series, like the Lumia 800, it leaves alot to wonder. That is, ofcourse if they release it with that memory in. As for other specs, we will do the same as we did for the Lumia 920. What do you think? Are the two worth the wait?