The Way We Get and Listen to Music Today

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woman cloud musicBack in the day, people heard music only when musicians gathered. Otherwise, they were stuck listening to the birds or their own humming. Then came the radio and people could have music in their own homes. Unfortunately, they could only hear what the stations played. Music has come a very long way. Now we can get any music at any time- any genre, artist or sound and listen to it for free.

A few years ago, people were downloading music and then burning the songs onto their CDs or uploading them to their MP3 players. Some people used an MP3 converter to get more music options. Then the artists caught on to what was going on and became enraged. People were prosecuted for “stealing” music from the free download libraries and they were all shut down.

The artists thought they had won. Now people would have to pay for their downloads or buy entire CDs of music for that one song that they kind of like. But, thanks to the genius that is the internet, that is not the case. Back then, if you did not know how to download free music, you were stuck on the hook. Now, it does not matter because there are so many other options to use.

If you have a smart phone, you can use the best of streaming music apps and have music wherever you go and even better, you choose the music you want. On sites like Pandora, Spotify and Jango, you create radio stations based on your favorite artist or genre and they play your choices. Every now and then the site will float you a new artist or a suggestion and ask whether you like it or not. If you do, it gets added to your rotation. If not, it gets dumped and you never hear it again. Most of these sites have a mobile version in addition to the “at home” option so you have your music, your way no matter where you are.

There are other options that stream music directly to you, which can help you not only hear your favorites but to expand your musical horizons as well. Since there are so many options you can set up a number of different stations with music that suits your every mood and activity. The other huge advantage here is that you are not breaking any copyright laws so you can enjoy your music free of guilt.

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