Galaxy Note II used at AMA to call out award winners

Galaxy Note II AMA Awards

Galaxy Note II AMA AwardsBeyond the image of one of our favourite singers by looks, Samsung did something quite noticeable, did a product placement at the American Music Awards. Usually, the MC has some pre-printed cards when calling out winners names. This time round, the names were displayed on Galaxy Note II smartphone, a move that would be hard to miss.

Samsung has been getting good reviews for this device which saw 3 million devices sold within 37 days of launch and 20,000 in the local market region of Kenya. The 5.5′ device has been positioned as the best alternative for smartphone-tablet meeting-point, and the performance has been super. I have had it for the last 2 weeks and would say it’s quite impressive in the way it handles multi-tasking, note-taking and battery life. Samsung has also been making it look like the artiste’s and designer’s device for making presentations, quick notes and designs on the go.

Locally, Samsung did the same with the Galaxy Tab 7 where it was used to display winners or losers at the Tusker project fame, a reality show that happens yearly for East Africa, hosted in Kenya.