Even the Galaxy Grand wouldn’t use an iPhone, it has standards

Galaxy Grand S Voice

Galaxy Grand S Voice

Earlier on, the guys over at Android Central interacted with S Voice on the Galaxy S 4. The results were hilarious. Asked whether it’s ever used an iphone, S voice responded “No, I have standards”. In response to whether it is Siri it responded “I like to think I am”.

That was on Tuesday, we here at Techweez though to see what the answers would be, after-all the engine is the same. Things are slightly different now for S Voice, at-least on the Galaxy Grand. The Grand maintains the same level of standards about the iPhone, but this time round it also doesn’t have any love for siri. It responded, “You already know I’m not.” See here what S Voice responded when asked what the best phones in the world are.

Go ahead, ask S voice something on your end and tell us what cheek you will get


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