Leaked iPhone 5C packaging looks like bread storage container

leaked iphone 5c packaging

leaked iphone 5c packaging

No seriously, who thinks this looks like it belongs to the prestigious Cupertino company for their next iPhone? Well it is indeed a long term rumour that they are working on releasing a cheaper iPhone for the mid to entry level market, but seriously? Who thinks it looks like something you could put your stew in?

Other than that, the leaked photo of the iPhone 5C packaging from WeiPhone Forums seems to reaffirm the fact that we could indeed be headed to a launch of the cheaper iPhone, the one with many colours. It is also said that the C in iPhone 5C is for colour, I think Nokia should sue, they are the colour queens.

September will really be interesting as we await to prove this wrong or right, the iPhone 5C that is designed with cheaper material, polycarbonate, including the packaging. The container even has the new iOS font to add cement to the rumour of the low cost iPhone.

Other than that, look at the picture below of a real bread storage packet, does it look like the iPhone 5C image up there?

Bread storage packet

via BitRebels