Microsoft Office Mobile is now free on Android and iOS

Microsoft Office

Microsoft’s Office suite has been available on its Windows Phone devices ever since they came to the market and just last year came to the iPhone and Android smartphones. There was a catch though. You needed an Office 365 subscription to use it. Not any more.

Microsoft Office Android

Microsoft has now dropped pricing of its popular productivity software and is offering it for free on both Android and iOS. You simply head over to your respective app store, download Office Mobile and get using. This is just for home use though. Those who want to use Office Mobile for business purposes will still require that subscription.

This was announced at the same event where new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella unveiled Office for iPad. Though a bit late, Office is the best in its class so at least we have something. How Office’s adoption will fair on these two platforms is something we’ll have to wait and see since users had already been used to alternatives like OfficeSuite 7 and Google’s own Quickoffice. It is the need for a good office experience on Android that drove Google to acquire Quickoffice. As a heavy user of the app, I am interested in seeing how tempting Office Mobile will be to me after getting used to life without it.