Keepy and Fleksy keyboard top list of Galaxy Gifts giveaways bundled with Galaxy S6


Galaxy S6

Samsung is keeping its long tradition of bundling some value add-ons with every purchase of its flagship devices through the Galaxy Gifts program.

Details are still scanty so we don’t have the full list of apps and other freebies you’ll get as part of your Galaxy S6 purchase but we can confirm two: Fleksy keyboard and Keepy. Fleksy is a popular keyboard on Android (not Swiftkey popular but it has built a name for itself) and it is not the first time the developers behind it are partnering with Samsung. They did so last year when the Gear S smartwatch was unveiled. Keepy on the other hand is not a productivity application. It is geared at the family setting. With it, parents are able to secure memories of their children and share them with select family members without letting in the whole world on their private moments.


    • I bought it last year. Quick conclusion: I immediately went back to Swiftkey. It’s a decent keyboard but it has a learning curve na hio time ya kuanza kujifunza tena ndio hatuna.

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