The Power of Make-up: Women Get Bold And Show The Other Side

power of make-up

There is a trending hashtag on Instagram and Twitter (#PowerofMakeup) where women are uploading selfies where one half is their “natural selves” while the other one is covered in makeup.

Apparently the trend was inspired by this video below on a fashion focused channel called Nikkietutorials. The video titled “The Power of Makeup”, has Nikkie de Jager says “Girls have been ashamed to say that they love makeup and are forced to give reasons for it”. The video was published on May 10th this year and has accrued an impressive 17 million views.

Several women have taken this as a challenge and have uploaded several selfies on  Twitter and Instagram and others are not necessarily half faced but two separate photos of the natural look & the one with makeup.



#thepowerofmakeup A photo posted by barbie_cg (@barbie_cg) on

A photo posted by barbie_cg (@barbie_cg) on Jun 25, 2015 at 8:00am PDT