Another Social Media Experiment Shows Kids Still fully Trust Strangers on Facebook


coby persin social media experiment

Coby Persin has yet again done another social experiment that seeks to inform people about the dangers of social media. Unlike the previous one that targeted young girls, this one focused on young boys and unfortunately it seems like these young children are still too trusting of strangers they meet online, especially Facebook.

The plan was simple. Just like the other social experiment, he made a fake profile on Facebook as  a 15 year old Amanda Green. He then sent friend requests to three boys with the permission from their respective parents in a bid to see if they would be able to escape the trap. Spoiler alert, the three boys fell into the trap almost too easily in fact.

When you watch the video, it involved setting an elaborate set up where “Amanda” and the boy meet up in a location they agree on Facebook, then later the parent of the boy bursts in the scene and scolds the child. It is the same scenario that was repeated in the earlier video and it had the same conclusion.

A point to note is that the parents had actually shared the previous video to their kids and the boys seem to have not learnt anything from it. Also, one of the boys showed hesitation as he was approached by the minivan in the prank but he went ahead and entered the minivan. In the previous video, the girl did not hesitate at all to enter the minivan.

So what do these videos show? For starters, Facebook’s minimum age is 13 years and these kids that were subjected to these experiment were 13-15. This means that it may require Facebook to change its age policy since it is clear they are too trusting of strangers online.

Here is the video: