Apple Music for Android Beta Invites to Start Rolling Out Soon


Apple Music - iPhone 5s 12

Apple Music users have had the last 3 months to test drive the new music streaming service for free and that grace period ends on September 30th after which users will be charged for access to the 30 million song library. So far the service is available to desktop and iOS users with an Android application said to be around the corner. Apple has sought the services of Centercode’s beta testing platform Betabound instead of Google Play which is what Android developers and even notable companies like Microsoft have so far used to beta test applications like Arrow Launcher and Cortana for Android.

Betabound users reportedly started receiving email applications inviting them to sign up for the opportunity to test what is expected to be Apple’s second Android two days ago. The application is still open for anyone interested in being among the very first people to see what Apple has been cooking. I have to warn you that the process is rather lengthy and you’ll be required to disclose a lot of personal information that you may not be comfortable sharing. Also, you’ll need to sign up for Betabound if you’re not yet a member.

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It may be surprising to some that a company that is famous for its tight grip on just about everything is contracting a third party to handle beta testing for a core product but Betabound has been doing this longer than many other services and has a sizeable tried and, well, tested user base and should pretty much be able to handle things smoothly till such a time that Apple introduces the application to the Google Play Store. Since its first Android application was not received well by Android diehard fans and users, it is ok for Apple to play it safe by not availing the beta on the Play Store through Google+ forums.

Interested in beta-testing Apple Music for Android? Start here.