Snapchat wants to take a piece of the sports action with Live Score geofilters



People use social networking sites to update about a past event in their lives or what is currently happening in their lives. Lately, social networking sites have been keen on the latter since it obviously makes people more engaged in the platform. Snapchat is the latest social network to try capitalize on one area people like sharing when it happens: Sports

According to a report by TechCrunch, Snapchat rolled out new geofilters that overlay the real time updated score of the match being played, in this case it was an NBA game. Just like any other geofilter, it is overlayed on your photos and videos which you then end up sharing to your friends. The geofilter looks something like this:

snapchat geofilter
Via TechCrunch

This comes at a time where Twitter has been using hashflags and their Moments platform to keep people engaged on sporting events and Facebook’s latest attempt to pip them by launching Sports Stadium. Twitter has always been the network choice for people to discover and follow  in-the-moment events thanks to its introduction of hashtags, trending topics and the likes and Facebook has made tremendous strides to cover their weakness in this area.

Snapchat is a viable contender in its area of covering sports. It has a real time way of keeping up with your friends on the Stories page. Heck they even launched Story Explorer a while back so as to watch the same story from different perspectives. Their daily video view count rivals Facebook where the 200 million active users view 7 billion videos per day. This could be a viable place to push ads as another layer next to the live score geofilter and hence another source of revenue for the company.