Reports suggest Snapchat has bought Bitstrips

snapchat buys bitstrips

snapchat buys bitstrips

Remember Bitstrips? If you don’t know the web app and mobile app, it allowed you to create your own cartoon avatar which you can use it in several scenarios. It was quite popular in 2012 and 2013 where people shared their Bitstrips creations to various social networks.

Its use however has died down when compared to its formative years and it seems it will be rejuvenated thanks to a report of its acquisition by Fortune. According to the publication, Snapchat, the popular social network with its idiosyncratic disappearing messages apparently has bought the company where the deal is valued to be worth $100 million. When they reached out to both Snapchat and Bitstrips, they didn’t respond to their enquiries.

The decision by Snapchat to buy Bitstrips is not crazy at all if you consider what Snapchat has to offer. Snapchat had previously bought the company that had the Lenses technology which tracks your face and adds interesting masks for you. The acquisition of Bitstrips will probably be used to enhance the Lens feature, spruce up your Snapchat animated avatar or make your Stories more interesting.

Snapchat is fast becoming a force to reckon with on the social networking space and especially in video where it generates the same number of video views as the much larger platform, Facebook. they have not been sitting down and doing nothing where they have introduced new features like a web player, custom geofilters, Live Score geofilters and also the very interesting Story Explorer. This is one company to look out for in 2016 and it is not showing any signs of slowing down.


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