Infinix Hot 3 vs Cubot Note S: Which One Should You Buy?


infinix vs Cubot1

Budget smartphones have been getting better and better as time goes by. Smartphone components are not only being produced cheaply, they are also getting better. This translates to the better quality of smartphones that are released over time.

This year, we have received a number of budget smartphones but I want to compare two that I have personally used expansively. These include the Infinix Hot 3 and the Cubot Note S

Both of these smartphones are sub Kshs 10,000 being sold on the popular eCommerce site Kilimall, which makes them as cheap as they can be given no retail mark-ups.

In my review, I described the Cubot Note S as a device for the young who want a pretty cool device without the need to spend a whole lot of money to do so. I still feel like the Cubot Note S gives you that luxury, especially with the cool tribal design of the interchangeable back covers.

“I like the Cubot Note S. It feels good, it looks good and it works just fine. Its not the perfect device but you get a lot for that price. Even with all the sacrifices that went on to make this device cheap and accessible, it still turned out to be a device that offers you a good smartphone experience.”

Read the full review here: Cubot Note S Review: Remake of A Budget Smartphone

The Infinix Hot 3 was released later and thankfully, it was something different from the Android one device, Infinix Hot 2, which did not age all too well. This time we have a design as well as software refresh. Coming in at Kshs 7,899 it is the cheaper of the two and a pretty good package as well.

“This Infinix is very memorable, at least to me. In a sea of many budget phones, some that you rather didn’t see the light of day, the Infinix manages to hold its own… it gives you way more than you can anticipate.”

Read full review here: Infinix Hot 3 Review:Budget Just Became Desirable

So which of these is the better deal? Watch this video to figure that out!

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  1. I needed a budget smartphone to allow me to blog on the go at and after reading this article, I decided to go with the Cubot Note S. It has not disappointed me so far. I had heard some bad reviews about Infinix, especially on battery overheating.

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