Snapchat adds a ton of stickers for you to add to your snaps

Snapchat Stickers

Snapchat knows that  people can get tired of a social network if they keep using the same stuff over and over and user retention is quite key. That is why Snapchat continuously changes certain aspects of its experience so that the generally young audience is interested on its platform. They totally revamped the chatting section of the map adding several features and they continuously add new lenses for people to take selfies with.

Stickers have become part and parcel of social networks as they give a more personal way to share facial expressions or feelings between people. Facebook Messenger has them, Telegram has really weird ones which developers can make and Snapchat introduced them in their Chat 2.0 update. Snapchat has now ported the entire sticker list they have on the chat interface onto the snaps page.

Snapchat Stickers

When you update the app and take a snap, you are notified of the new stickers on the attachment button. The interface is just like any interface we have seen with other messaging app: stickers and emojis are arranged in several scrollable columns. The stickers are on the second column after the “most used” column and you can go through them by scrolling vertically.

These stickers are quite unique to Snapchat and show the heavy influence millennials have on social networks. Apparently they are over 300 stickers so you probably won’t miss a sticker to express yourself on Snapchat. Just like how you are able to attach emojis to moving objects in videos, you can also do that with these stickers. If you don’t want to use the sticker, you can just drag it to the trash icon above.