Facebook Makes it Easy to Start Conversations with a Revamped Home Tab on Messenger


messenger inbox revamp

It has been a busy week for the Messaging department at Facebook and specifically the Messenger team. They revealed a football game you can play within the app, SMS integration within Messenger and now there is another update to the popular messaging app.

In this new update, Facebook has gone back to the core functionality of Messenger which is all about communicating with people. This time round, they are focusing on the inbox which they believe they have made it simpler to start a conversation. “When you think about it since the invention of the first messaging systems, inboxes have always been the same dull chronological lists of threads” David Marcus, Facebook’s VP of Messaging products iterated in a post.

So what have they changed? Well now there will be a revamped home tab that has ditched the traditional threaded look for a new one where you will be able to find your recent conversations, favourite contacts, see your friends’ birthdays and see who is active at the moment. When you click on a contact for a chat, you will see a “Go Home” button that will take you to this new revamped homepage.

Facebook is treating this new home as a homepage of sort where you will start all of your conversations within Messenger which is a nifty little addition. Since Messenger is becoming quite the find-everything-in-one-place platform, it has become necessary to have a “lounge” of sorts where you can talk to your friends, interact with bots and play games. This new feature will be rolled out to Android and iOS so be on the lookout for the new update.