You Will Now Be Able to Initiate a Twitter DM From A Publisher’s Website




Social networks like Twitter usually have embedded buttons which allow  publishers add to their website for a variety of functions. The common ones include the share buttons which have become quite important for publishers and others like the follow buttons of the official social media accounts of the publisher.

Twitter has decided to go further with their embedded offerings where now you will be able to embed a message button on your site.

The process is quite easy. You only need to visit Twitter Publish and click on Twitter Buttons. This will show you a variety of buttons that you can add to your site and select the Message button. It will ask for your Twitter handle and your User ID where the latter is obtained from your Twitter data that requires your password to obtain it. You will get a preview of how the message button will look on your website complete with the embedding script below it.

The Message button can also be customized where you can decide to hide your Twitter username or not, make it bigger, adding a text that will be prefilled when someone DMs you and also to set the display language.

Of course for this to work, you as the site owner must set your Twitter account to receive DMs from anyone which is available as an option under the general settings. This feature will allow website owners like news outlets or businesses to receive messages that are sourced from their website in the intention for customer support or any other queries. Twitter has been positioning the DM as a customer support tool thanks to a slew of updates and this can be included amongst them in achieving their goal.