Kenyans On Twitter Make Fun Of Safaricom’s Network Outage

via @iam_abeta on Twitter

Today has not been a good day for Safaricom subscribers. Since morning, Safaricom subscribers experienced an outage of service, ranging from making voice calls to transacting via MPESA and when they wanted to see what people were talking about it online, they couldn’t since data was out too.

The outage is so bad that we are estimating that it is costing the company roughly 23 million per hour and they promptly released a statement to inform its subscribers about the issue.

Safaricom confirmed that some of their core services created the outage and it affected voice, data, SMS, MPESA and Enterprise service, which is basically most of the services they offer.

Since the telecommunications company has the majority of subscribers in the country, it has led to people reaching out to Safaricom for a statement as to why they are not able to do certain functions. It also led people to make fun out of the whole situation on Twitter and here are some of them. This has become quite a popular topic on Kenyan Twitter as both Safaricom and MPESA are in the top ten of the trending topics list.

Airtel users watching Safaricom users

When you start noticing people

We also had a pop culture reference to a doomsday film

We need carrier pigeons

Have you tried switching your base stations off and on?

Guys thought it was maybe an intern.

Some even started having conspiracy theories like:

A random deleting event of a major code line

What if…what if…


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