Six Year Old Android Gingerbread Shows Signs of Growth in May 2017 Android Distribution Numbers

Courtesy Android Authority

You read that right, six year old Android 2.3 Gingerbread just hit 1% distribution up from 0.9% last month. How?!

As that sinks in, Android Nougat has shown great growth as the latest consumer version of Android is now at 7.1% up from last month’s 4.9%. The massive leap forward can be attributed from the increasing number of updates OEMs have released and the new devices that went on sale during that period.

The rest of the Android versions continue to decrease in popularity (apart from Gingerbread, I don’t know what sorcery that is). Marshmallow however did not see any changes as it remained stagnant at 31.2%, Lollipop too hasn’t budged and remained at 31%. KitKat went down to 18.8%, Jellybean 9.1% and Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) down to 0.8%.

The headline however is, Gingerbread grew to 1.0% up from 0.9%. A small number but mind blowing considering this is 2017!

Android VersionCodenameAPIDistribution
4.0.3-4.0.4Ice Cream Sandwich150.8%
4.1.xJelly Bean163.2%

Guys, whoever turned on their “should-be-dead” devices running Gingerbread just to increase the distribution numbers, stop it. Not cool.

*The data above is from Google. It was collected during a seven-day period ending on May 2, 2017. Any versions with less than 0.1 percent distribution are not shown.

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