Facebook Adds 5 New Tools For Admins To Manage Their Groups

These should have been effected a while back


Facebook has always allowed people to form Groups which are communities that have the same vested interests. The person who starts the group is usually the admin but can also appoint a select few to be admins too and they have tools to manage the said group.

According to the company, 1 billion use Groups on Facebook and interesting enough more than a 100 million people are members of “meaningful groups.” Well Facebook wants to make sure that the admins that run the various groups on their network are better equipped to run them and they’ve added 5 new features to that effect.

Group Insights

Apparently group admins have sent feedback to Facebook that they would like to have a better understanding of what is going on their groups.

Now thanks to group insights, admins will be able to see real time metrics like engagement, growth and the number of posts and times that members are most engaged.

This will make groups be at par with Facebook Pages which have had the feature for a while now.

Group to group linking

Facebook is now testing group to group linking, which will allow admins to recommend related or similar groups to their members. This would be beneficial to bring like minded communities closer together within Facebook.

Scheduled Posts

Sometimes it might require an admin to post a certain update to the members at a specific time and now they will be able to schedule posts to a specific day and time.

Member clean-up

In every community, there are one or two members that can be problematic and this will lead to the admin taking necessary action to disband the person.

Now group admins can remove the person and the content they have created in the group in one step which is great to maintain order in the group.

Membership request filtering

Facebook got feedback from admins that one of the most time consuming things they do is admitting new members to their groups.

Well now Facebook has added a tool for them to sort and filter membership requests where now they can accept or decline all at once.

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