Facebook Is Considering Taking On the Entertainment Business with TV Programming


Facebook is a busy company. For the better part of the year, the company has been inspired by Snapchat, an inspiration that has extended its turf to the company’s other social media apps with the á la mode features in the name of Stories.

The social media and networking company is considering going into the TV Programming business that will focus on young people aged between 13 to 34 years. According to unknown insiders who have the details of the matter, the social networking giant will concentrate on content that has nothing to do with politics and news, as well as nudity and profanities. This is a clear sign that such a prospect will avoid the cliché that is modern TV programing that tends to lean on the politics, rough language and nudity to appeal to young people.

According to WSJ, the social-networking company has already held meetings with key talent firms such as ICM Partners, United Talent Agency and William Morrison Endeavor, to mention a few. By doing so, Facebook has aired its intent to the Hollywood companies about the production of TV shows, citing that it can commit to the production budget of up to $3 million per episode. That cost lies in the same pricing range for top of the line cable TV shows. At the same time, Facebook is said to have explained its interest in shows that are favourably priced, and will probably own most of produced content.

That’s not all; Facebook is also interested in short content that will be mostly unscripted. Such videos are mostly short and run for about ten minutes.

The motivation behind this venture is ad revenue because content creators have pocketed billions of dollars from television. Creators that will be part of this program will have a guaranteed $5000 – $ 20000 share of ad revenue for every episode produced. Organizations that will be involved with content creation include Buzzfeed and ATTN according to persons that have the details of the situation at their fingertips.

The Mark Zuckerberg’s team has booked shows such as Strangers, a relationship drama that targets young, phone-clutching people, and Last State Standing, a game show.

The launch of this service will take place by late summer, which is late August for normal folk like us on other side of the globe.