New Style of Interactive Threads Are All The Rage

But It Is Nothing New Really

twitter thread

twitter thread

When people come up with a social network, they usually peg it to let people naturally through talking to each other directly either publicly or privately. However, sometimes you find out that people use your network in an entirely different way and Twitter is one social network that you see this everyday.

Twitter users devised a way to let their thoughts flow by threading their replies. These are called tweetstorms and Twitter’s CEO, Jason Dorsey, actually acknowledged them. There is a relatively new way of using tweetstorms and this user might have made it popular.

During the weekend, one NasMaraj decided to come up with several scavenger hunt type of game on Twitter. It involved people moving from thread to thread where they are made to make a decision which leads them to another thread to see their fate.

It seems people are really into these sort of ‘games’ on Twitter and the user came up with several ones. These are “scenario” games where your decision will determine your fate

The Bank Heist: A Scenario Thread

Intruders: A Scenario thread

Prison Break: A Scenario Thread

These threads have proven to be immensely popular to Twitter users and they show from the recent statistics from posting all those tweets. The user gained over 70,000 new followers and registered over 235 million impressions which is insane!

However, the concept of creating a Twitter game via tweetstorms is not new at all. Back in 2015, a guy came up with a scavenger hut game where the main protagonist was a bird named Leon. These one even had GIFs to give it emphasis and going to the next step required you to click on a handle that was made specifically for that.

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  1. but how? How do you get the result of your action? From the initial poster of the tweet (each time anyone interacts) or is it pre-programmed?

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