These #Githeribae Memes will Make You Forget Kenyan Election Fever

This was a welcome comic relief

githeri bae
via twitter


githeri bae

This has been a very busy week for Kenyans as we just concluded the country’s General Elections that was held yesterday. Kenyans have been commenting about the elections, from their experience during voting and checking out the events that were happening on social media.

In the last 48 hours, the timelines in our social media feeds have been inundated with people eagerly waiting for the results and political opinions. The feed has become monotonous with such content and gladly we have our comic relief.

During the polling process, one photo of a man eating githeri (githeri, a Kenyan dish is a mix of maize and beans) was shared on Twitter and it was quite iconic.

The guy decided to snack on his githeri while queueing to vote and this photo was quickly turned by Twitter users into a Photoshop battle and it is hilarious!

Githeri guy was placed on a scene of the famous TV show, Game of Thrones

He was also in Statehouse with the leaders

The guy was also placed with the Kenyan rugby team

Githeri guy with the NASA leaders

He was placed among the famous black artistes who took a selfie with Obama.

He was also placed in another selfie…the one that was once the most retweeted selfie of all time on Twitter.

New member of the Justice League

Really people? Really? Lion King?

This should be an album cover

Him with Trump

With the Kapenguria Six

Cast member of the Fast and the Furious gang

Him watching Jesus

And we end this stream with this: Two memes coming together to form one super meme


Citizen TV has been able to track down the Githeriman and found out that his name is Martin Kamotho who lives in Kayole, Nairobi and works as a government cleaner for Nairobi County.

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