3 Features on the New iPhones That Apple ‘Forgot’ to Mention in the Keynote

This are important, Apple


Apple had a keynote on Tuesday this week to announce their new iPhones and they took their sweet time to showcase the new features of the iPhone 8/8Plus and the iPhone X. We know they have an updated design, ‘new’ cameras, face unlock tricks (iPhone X) and feature that ridiculously powerful Apple A11 Bionic chip. However, there are other cool features in the new iPhones that Apple decided not to mention during the keynote and they are legitimately of interest to the consumer.

Fast charging

Fast charging is already the norm on Android phones, from the flagships down to the budget devices and Apple was the only company that didn’t have phones that have fast charging capabilities. Not anymore as the new iPhones now support fast charging, which is a ‘better late than never’ move by Apple.

This feature is buried deep under settings on both the iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus where Apple says that you will be able to charge upto 50% in 30 minutes.

However, there is a big caveat on that capability since you will be required to buy these Apple’s USB-C Power Adapters (29W A1540, 61W A1718 and the 87W A1719) that are used to charge Macbooks.

Bluetooth 5.0 support

Another feature Apple didn’t care to mention during their Tuesday keynote is the fact that the new iPhones support Bluetooth 5.0.

Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest evolution of the wireless standard which warranted a new number due to the new features that come with it. It supports upto 4x the range of Bluetooth 4.2, 8 times the broadcasting message capacity of 4.2 and can allow you to play separate audio to two different devices like on the Galaxy S8.

Battery capacities

Apple traditionally never reveals the battery capacities of its iPhones but they usually reveal how long the phone will last with use. iPhones usually have smaller batteries than their Android counterparts but Apple is quite good in optimizing the hardware and software and they end up lasting longer than they seem.

Apple has not officially specified the battery capacities of the new iPhones on the list of specs. However the Chinese communication supervisor, TENAA has revealed the capacities of the iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus which are 1821 mAh and 2675 mAh respectively.

The new iPhones have smaller batteries than their predecessors (iPhone 7 – 1960mAH, 7 Plus – 2900mAH), which means they were somehow forced to reduce the capacity to add something.


  1. ” new iPhones have smaller batteries…reduce the capacity to add something.”
    One guess would be the volume required for the inductive coil and electronics for wireless charging. I’d much rather have the extra battery capacity.

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