Twitter Employee Deactivated Trump’s Account, People Rejoice

Donald Trump Twitter suspended

Trump being President and his incessant use of Twitter has led people to become quite polarized, especially in his replies. He uses Twitter to push his agenda or call out people that he doesn’t like, like the media and certain individuals.

We have also seen people calling for Trump’s account to be suspended by Twitter for a while now and their prayers were answered in a bizarre way.

Twitter revealed that earlier today, Trump’s account was deactivated due to human error for 11 minutes, which is not long to be honest.

When they did their investigations, they found out that tit was done by a Twitter customer support employee who had done this on the last day of employment.

You would think that people would be concerned by the actions of the outgoing Twitter employee, but the opposite was true.

Give that employee a raise (but the employee is leaving SMH)

Best moment of 2017

Let it happen again

There was world peace for 11 minutes 

Some called for the employee to get a statue

Or a medal of freedom

Some said Twitter lost a ‘good’ employee

Some wanted to buy the employee beer 

Best use of a last day

Others imagined how that ex- Twitter employee felt like after deactivating Trump’s Twitter account.

Twitter did not reveal the name of the said employee who decided to deactivate Trump’s account today, but expect he/she will have to face legal issues later on. Although we don’t know who did it, some decided to make fun of the issue by penning down a fictional scenario of how it might have happened.


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