Safaricom is Adding Scanning of QR Codes For Cash Withdrawal and Lipa Na M-PESA Services



Lipa na Mpesa Yesterday, Safaricom sent a huge update to its mySafaricom app. The update was significant and included key additions as we discussed in this post. As a recap, the arrival of M-Shwari services was welcome as users can now use the service, in addition to KCB M-PESA functions with ease.

“In 2016, we introduced the mySafaricom app as a modern and convenient way for smartphone users to interact with our services. This new update brings a range of refinements that will further increase the ease and convenience enjoyed by our customers whenever they interact with our different services,” said Joseph Ogutu, Director – Strategy, Safaricom.

Another important feature that some of us may have missed was an improved Lipa Na M-PESA option by scanning QR codes. At the same time, M-PESA users will now have the option to withdraw cash from agents using the technology. Both actions will cut the number of taps needed when performing these operations. Also, it is a fast and accurate mode of making payments.

It seems that the telco has been testing the feature for some time. It has also mentioned that it is in the process of rolling out new Lipa Na M-PESA stickers with QR codes to more than 140,000 M-PESA agents and 80,000 Lipa Na M-PESA merchants across the country.

We also mentioned that M-PESA 1 Tap has found its way to the app. However, the solution works with Android devices that have NFC chips. On the bright side of things, it means that users no longer need to use or carry extra NFC stickers, cards or wristband provided by the telco. This is how the solution should have worked in the first place, but we are glad a better implementation has been deployed.

The app, which is available for both Android and iOS platforms, has more than 1.6 million users at the moment.