TwinderIf you’re on Twitter, then you’re familiar with “shooting your shot”, well, people have been shooting shots but Nigerians (the second largest users of Twitter in Africa) took it a notch higher. Nigerian developer, Timi Ajiboye created a bot known as Twinder (@twinderbot), which can basically be described as Tinder for Twitter – the bot is meant to help you match with your twitter crushes.

How does it work?

  1. You Follow the bot.
  2. Send a DM to the bot with the handle of the person you want to shoot at.
  3. If your crush, in turn, sends a DM with your handle,  the bot will let you both know that you like each other.

If your shot is successful, you will get a DM from Twinder with the message, “Yay! You have matched with [your crushes handle]. Coast is clear! Slide into the DMs now!!!”. If there are no hits on your shot, you just get “blueticks” –  the bot even warns you not to hold your breath.

A few people have been using the bot and there are apparent hits and misses:

Twinder claims that it will never reveal your shots, so don’t worry if you don’t succeed, only the devs and you know about it. So far, the bot has over 570 followers, we don’t have stats on how many were successful and how many were a miss but if you’ve been curved before, you should probably try Twinder and cross your fingers that maybe, maybe someone out there feels something for all the memes you have been posting.

All the best to all you shooters in 2018!