Zuku Now in Uganda, and it’s So Cute How They Are Excited


Wananchi Group’s Zuku fibre internet, has, in many occasion, been subject to online jabs especially by the unforgiving Twitter users in Kenya. Frankly, the service, which is among the first to offer unlimited internet access to homes and businesses at a steal, has demonstrated mediocrity owing to the quality of service, lackluster customer care, and frequent downtimes. In between these PR nightmares, Kenyans have been forced to make comparisons to competing products that are subjectively attractive in terms of reliability – which is what any user of such a product could ever ask for.

These setbacks have not stopped Zuku to expand its service to other markets. Most recently, it exported its product to our brothers and sisters in Uganda, who are really excited to try its offerings.

At the moment, Zuku Fibre is available in the landlocked country’s capital, Kampala, and another neighbouring area called Naguru.

However, one Kenyan user was quick to point out why Zuku would skip so many regions in Kenya to launch in Uganda.


In particular, potential customers in Kisumu City have been left out for an extended period and that makes them really sad.

Another dissatisfied customer was quick to point out his frustrations with Zuku, which is understandable because what can a person do once he/she is royally vexed by an ISP?

A Venah Moraa couldn’t let things slide with the following jab:

Another Uganda national is not happy with limited availability, which is to be expected as Zuku is still new in the country.

Quality of service is still a concern, but some expect Zuku will pull a surprise on them with robust availability.

One user decided to make his sarcasm too obvious!

But why!??????

Summarily, Zuku knows its rapport is shaky in the country. It is probably why it decided to slash fees for some of its plans, which is a welcome idea were the quality of service as reliable as rival providers.


  1. For all the complaints….We all know Zuku provides the best value for your money and they have a pretty ‘extensive’ network….it’s just that the many satisfied users never complain….

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