I just recently discovered my love for cars, it’s almost as big as my love for smartphones. I may not be able to sit among car enthusiasts and argue about torque, horsepower and tell the difference between a Subaru STI and a WRX but at least I know what dynamic suspension is.

Since my newly discovered love, I have attended a few car events but CBA’s Concours d’Elegance stood out from the pack. It was my first time, so I had all the innocence to be excited by old-school beetles and Dodge trucks I have only seen in movies.

Concours d'Elegance

Armed with nothing but the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, I stepped into the arena that is Ngong Race Course to enjoy the spectacular Sunday afternoon looking at cars three times my age. I took this time to test out the camera performance on the Galaxy Note 9 and as expected it did not disappoint.

With a 100k plus price tag, there’s no slack you can cut on the Note 9, it’s either you get it all or go home with a cheaper option, without watering down the specifics, enjoy the video below that showcases pictures and videos all shot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.



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