Twitter Sweetens Viral Donuts Shop Story by Buying Donuts For Everyone

twitter donut

twitter donut

Twitter can be a wonderful place sometimes.

On 9th March, a guy by the name Billy tweeted this

He said that his dad is sad because no one came to his new doughnut shop, Billy’s Donuts which is based in Texas. He included photos of the rather striking doughnut shop complete with a look inside, the doughnuts on the menu and the entrance.

The tweet blew up and as of now, the tweet has now close to 275,000 retweets and 600,000 likes. It became so popular to the point where billy said that they completely sold out of doughnuts, which was amazing. I mean even the dad smiled.

The community decided to visit the donut shop. Wow

The good tidings did not stop there. Twitter announced yesterday that they will be at the place in the morning, which was so cool.

Twitter went on to take care of the donut tab for the people that visited the shop. And oh, they got cool custom tshirts with the Twitter logo that went well with the colour scheme of the donut shop.

This shows how Twitter can be such an effective place to market if the content resonates well with the Twitter community.