Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 | Courtesy HBO

The previous episode had the Night King and the Army of the Undead defeated with priorities now shifted to the fight against Cersei. The last few episodes haven’t made fans happy with how things turned out from criticizing the cinematography especially with the too dark scenes, Ghost the Direwolf not getting a proper goodbye from Jon to a coffee cup being spotted in one scene. Memes were not left behind too. Here are the best memes and reactions before and after the fifth episode.


The episode airing on Mother’s Day had people try to connect the dots

Let the memes begin

No coffee cups this time around

Varys letter

Jon’s reluctance to take the Iron Throne


Varys execution

Well, this was bound to happen 😭

If you were wondering how Queen Dany’s hair would look like without Missandei

Fear it is

Us too,

The pieces of the jigsaw fall into place

The last resort

Tyrion risking it all

Tyrion never learns

We were torn too

Burn them all

Meanwhile in Winterfell

Cersei smug looks

Cinematography was taken care of

The Battle on the ground

Euron vs Jaime

The Hound vs his older brother

After the battle

*Insert Chrissy Tiegen infamous award show face meme*

Fans criticism

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