Notches on Samsung Smartphones Are About to Get Weird

Samsung s10

Samsung s10Notches on Samsung devices are about to get weird and are we even ready for them. The notch went mainstream after Apple flaunted it on the iPhone X in late 2017 and lots of other device manufactures mocked the design including Samsung by posting videos on social media and YouTube that was meant to entice users to upgrade to the Samsung S9.

The South Korean tech giant deleted said videos after they too, adopted the notch for its mid-range smartphone series – the A Series and M series)

Its flagship devices such as the S10 series and the Note 10 series got the hole-punch display. People got creative and made wallpapers that hid the hole punch. The company is reportedly debating whether to merge the two series and be done with the Note range.

Back to our notches, Samsung will be introducing new changes to its notches and they are about to get weird.

“Next-generation Notch” for  2020 Galaxy A and M series

Samsung applied to patent its new notches in South Korea and in late July, they got approved. The company is calling the design the “next-generation notch” and blends its three display designs – the Infinity-V, Infinity-U and Infinity-O.

The new design has the usual hole-punch but now there’s a tiny strip that connects it to the top bezel.

These notches either placed on the right side or left side of the screen are expected to feature in next years’ Galaxy A and M phones respectively.

However, according to LetsGoDigital, they would be implemented differently depending on the type of display. Devices with LCD displays would get the left notch such as the company’s cheaper Galaxy M series and Galaxy A series.

Devices with AMOLED screens would then get the right-sided notch such as the remaining Galaxy A phones.

Smaller punch hole to the 2020 Galaxy S11

Samsung’s next year’s flagship device, the S11 is set to get even smaller punch hole according to the patents.

Fullscreen Samsung Devices in 2021

Samsung has shown promise that its devices to be launched in 2021 and 2022 will feature a perfect full-screen and in-display selfie cameras as we’ve seen with the likes of OPPO and Xiaomi. This tech will later trickle to the midrange and budget Samsung devices later on.